The unsupportive person…


Hard on Yourself

Has there been anyone around you that has been unsupportive of your quitting journey?

For me, almost everyone was thrilled to hear that I quit smoking. Heck, I was beyond thrilled that I had finally managed to do it.

Yet, from time to time I would come across someone negative.  There was one person who made a comment that still bothers me to this day.  “Why would you bother quitting AFTER having kids? What sense does that make?” I could not believe that anybody would have the audacity to ask this question with the chastising tone in their voice… right to my face! I wanted to scream at him, actually that is a lie. I wanted to HIT him. Of course, I could not do that. Instead, I had to suck it up, simply say “it was just the right time for me” and walk away. I still have to…

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You smoke? … But aren’t you pregnant?


Almost six years ago was when my roller coaster with smoking and pregnancy began. After only a few months of dating my husband we found out that I was pregnant with our first. Scared, excited, stressed out, off we went to the doctors to confirm it was true. Well it was definitely true! And there was when the dreaded question began… “Do you smoke?” (Every time I went to the doctors from this point on, smoking would become a major discussion) “yes” I mumbled reluctantly. From that moment on I felt that the doctor was doing nothing but judging me, regardless of what she told me. She asked me if I knew the side effects of smoking while pregnant, and even though I told her that yes I was indeed aware of the unfortunate effects it could have on my baby and pregnancy.

I tried my best to not smoke as…

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Who Am I?



Well, my name is Tracie and I am twenty-five years old. I am a mother of three. Two of which I am blessed enough to get to spend every day with, and one of which I only got to spend a few very cherished minutes with.

My struggle with smoking began about twelve years ago, when I was afraid I was not going to fit in with my ‘friends’. Smoking was nothing new to me, growing up my parents smoked. Almost every person that was around me who I looked up to… smoked. Being as young as I was, I figured if I only had one or two a day, I couldn’t possibly get addicted like they were or have it affect me.

Was I ever WRONG! I started smoking more and more. I found myself hanging out with people who smoked, and the addiction just got worse. Now not…

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